VOLATILE Bullish Penny Stocks with Momentum 07/17/2019

Hey all! I figured since the volume went away from my 07/12/2019 WL, why not share some other setups?

Bullish VOLATILE Plays on my WL 07/17/2019:

1. Taronis Technologies Inc ($TRNX)

I have milked this baby over & over, but might look for a re-entry if volume persists. This stock is very choppy, and can turn on you in the blink of an eye.


Bullish buy zone: 0.37/0.42/0.47

Resistance: 0.52/0.62

Bullish PT: 0.55+

Bearish: A break below 0.42/0.37

RSI: Almost over valued.

MACD: Indicating a sell off.


2. Sellas Life Sciences Group Inc ($SLS)

Chart still in bearish territory, but with the right volume this can shoot back up to 0.18/0.20


Bullish Buy Zones: 0.1276/0.135

Resistance: 0.15

Bullish PT: 0.18/0.20+ (Only with volume).

Bearish: A break below 0.13/0.12

RSI: Over valued

MACD: Bullish


3. Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd ($TRQ) *NEW 52 LOW*

Shares of Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. (NYSE:TRQ) were down 39% to $0.6491 after the company reported its Q2 gold and copper production results have decreased from the previous quarter.


Bullish: A break above VWAP ($0.65)

Bullish PT: 0.70+

Bearish: Break below 0.58


DISCLAIMER: Not a financial advisor. Just sharing my opinion on potential price action if volume comes in. Opinions are my own, please do your due diligence.

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