Swing Ideas for 8/22/19

For the time being, I am looking for possible bounce plays, and wanted to give all of you a breakdown on what I personally like to look for in these swings. As for a new video, I plan on making one this weekend! 

I personally know it's hard working a 9-5 job and trying to get into stocks. This is why I try to take time after I work to look for possible swing plays. I do this not only for myself, but for you all. I like to choose stocks that don't need to be looked at every hour of the day. You can still stay focused at work while knowing that your trading with a plan. 

**The following stocks are in oversold territory, and are volatile. (I personally would only risk 3-7% of initial investment). 


1. Jaguar Health Inc ($JAGX) (pre-market or after hour play)

5D 30M: 08/21/2019

Support: $1.21

Resistances: 1.45/1.87/2.51
Realistic PT: 1.45-1.55

Bearish: Trade below 1.21 pre-market.

180D 4H: 08/21/2019:


2. Aileron Therapeutics Inc ($ALRN)

I personally love this stock because they have NEWS....AKA catalysts coming out in September!!!


5D 30M: 8/21/19

Support: 0.72

Gaps leading to catalyst: 1.03/1.44/1.75+

Bearish: below 0.72 (would be back to where it started).

180D 4H: 8/21/19


DISCLAIMER: Not a financial advisor. Just sharing my opinion on potential price action if volume comes in. Opinions are my own, please do your due diligence. Do this out of passion!


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