First post - Super excited!

Man... it all started with my boy C4. I too was hesitant to get started in the market, but I appreciate my good friend David 'C4' Mota for insisting I jump in on the cannabis stock $ACBFF (now known as $ACB). After the pop I remember him briefly mentioning BIO stocks, and how it's basically a blueprint to make money. Of course, after I made my money from the cannabis market I got curious - so I ran into a website - this changed my life forever!

Not only did this website have the FDA calenders, with more research I learned to read the SEC filings, time catalyst run ups, and now confident enough to share with you how I make my profits. I've increased my portfolio 100%+ in a month, and if you follow me on my journey you too can make gains! Please do your due diligence before jumping into the markets!

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