Top Stocks To Watch & Trade This Week! ~ October 2019

Good evening! Sorry for such a late post. In my honest opinion, this week is going to be good for the biotech sector! Let's jump into why I find these setups so bullish and interesting.


For starters 3/4 picks presented at ESMO over the weekend

  • $TYME
  • $EARS
  • $AVEO
  • $OGEN

"A penny stock refers to a small company's stock that typically trades for less than $5 per share. Although some penny stocks trade on large exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), most penny stocks trade via over the counter (OTC) transactions. - Investopedia."


1. Odonate Therapeutics ($ODT)

One thing that stood out to me was the solid support at $25, and how it ended the day with a spike in volume. I didn't spend too much time on doing due diligence, because I am only interested in the short term setup.

5D 30M Technical Analysis

Bullish: A continuation of the upward momentum, with 25.00 being new support.

Bearish: We trade below 24.83


2. Tyme Technologies ($TYME)

Presented at ESMO over the weekend, with solid support in the 1.49 area. This company is also running a Pivotal trial for their SM-88 drug for Prostate cancer.

5D 30M Technical Analysis

Bullish: Holds above 1.50, and 1.55 becomes new support.

Bearish: Continuation of downtrend breaking below 1.45


3. AVEO Oncology ($AVEO)

This one has a history of spiking on PR which was presented over weekend. It is  currently cooling off after having a major run. Worth watching!

5D 30M Technical Analysis

Bullish: Price remains above 0.81 & successfully pushed passed the 0.89 resistance.

Bearish: Trades below 0.81



4. Aileron Therapeutics ($ALRN)

The week has finally come for $ALRN, They presented on Saturday, September 28th. The stock has been pretty choppy as of lately...but hey, so has the market. Definitely keep this one on watch this week!

Previous post on $ALRN (Price action followed): here.

Video w/ $ALRN $LPTX & $ACHV: here.

5D 30M Technical Analysis

Bullish: Trades above 0.80 and starts building higher lows. I would like to see her break above 0.90 & grind it's way back to $1+.

Bearish: Trades below 0.80 & breaches 0.76 area (previous support).


5. Oragenics, Inc. ($OGEN)

The chart looks so beautiful on $OGEN, this isn't one to ignore. They recently announced that their Phase 2 Clinical Trial of AG013 Reached Enrollment of 158 Patients on 9/25/19. They also had a presentation scheduled over the weekend at ESMO.

Bullish: 0.54 hold as key support. I would like to see volume come in, to break that 0.59 resistance.

Bearish: No volume, and breaches 0.54.


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