📝Tuesday May 5/28 Watchlist 📝

Volatile Plays:


  • Had another 40% run after a major sell off. This is a volatile play because the only Catalyst this company has is analyst PT of $12 & Upgraded to outperform.

  • 25 Million shares traded on Friday 05/24/2019.


  • Pumped 50% on no news, be aware of the gap and trap. The gap and trap is when a stock gaps up on no news, but a major sell-off comes up after.

  • 27 Million shares traded on Friday, 05/24/2019.



Signs of Reversal?:


  • Bouncing off oversold. Creeping up for Overbought. Added to WL if volume comes in on Tuesday.


Tickers on watch for June 2019:

  • $BLCM

  • $SRRA

  • $IMGN

  • $ATNM


DISCLAIMER: Opinions are my own. Please do your Due Diligence! Good luck.

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