About Brooklyn Trader


Hello, I’m Anthony aka Brooklyn Trader.

I publish a weekly swing trading newsletter to my subscribers.

I have almost 20 years of experience in the equity markets and am using my experience and knowledge of the markets to bring you only my highest quality swing trading picks.

My picks are based on a number of factors including earnings plays, news, sentiment, and technicals. I have been in this business since the mid 90s as a Nasdaq Market Maker, then as a buyside and also sell side trader, trading for some of the largest institutions on Wall Street.

I have distilled all of my experience down into a formula and strategy that works for me. My Swing strategy focuses mainly on equities trading between $2 and $10 in the micro cap and small cap space. I do not trade OTC Bulletin Board or Pink Sheet Stocks. My system is straightforward and gives you picks along with triggers for when to enter, stop triggers to cut your losses, and targets for when to take profits. You can set these triggers with any broker of your choice, which allows you to not be glued to your screen every day watching the markets.

Let me tell you a little bit about what I don’t do. I dont try to sell you a day trading service and/or a chat room in addition to a swing service. I dont make picks across the entire price and market cap spectrum. I dont bog you down with charts, lessons or motivational speeches or pictures and videos of expensive toys. I provide you with solid swing picks and thats it. My results speak for themselves.

You can review my results Here

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